Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing Tours

Castellammare di Stabia was born in the heart of the coast, a place full of wonderful landscapes to visit. Discover all the landscape and naturalistic tours of Castellammare

Landscape Tours

The waterfront and the Cassa Armonica

Visiting Castellammare di Stabia means getting lost in the splendid panorama with a view of Vesuvius and strolling among the attractions of Stabia.

The waterfront

Already in the Roman times, Castellammare was a holiday place. The ancient city of Stabia, today an archaeological site, is the evidence. The name of Castellammare comes from the ancient caste (built by the Duchy of Sorrento) located at about 100 meters on the sea level.

A walk along the Castellammare promenade (the Lungomare) is certainly an opportunity to admire not only a splendid panorama of Vesuvius but also the beautiful medieval castle and some of the historical attractions of the city.

Sea promenade is the symbol of the city and for local people and tourists is the best place to enjoy the wonderful landscape and to make a sweet stop at the cafeterias or ice cream kiosks with an enchanting sea view to be admired.

The Cassa Armonica

At the center of the sea promenade stands the “Cassarmonica” “bandstand” one of the architectural monument that represents that represents the period of the art nouveau style in Italy.

The band stand has a perfect acoustics, a real musical instrument it was frequently used for music concerts. The presence of such a construction in Castellammare makes it clear that, at the beginning of the last century the city was a popular tourist destination. It was known for its thermal baths and 28 spring water that attracted many tourists, to cure themselves with these natural waters.

The first project of this architectural jewel was built in 1898 by the architect Eugenio Cosenza but survived only a few years. A strong windstorm destroyed it again in 1909 Cosenza was commissioned to rebuild it. But this time he changed something to prevent the damages. Compared to the previous project, he reduced its height and above all, provided the roof with some openings to avoid the sail effect when windy.

Today as in those days the work is magnificent with marble staircases, 12 columns, iron arches with arabesques and wonderful polychrome glass.

Naturalistic Tour

The cable car and Monte Faito

Rich in landscapes and breathtaking views, Castellammare di Stabia is the perfect place for those who want to get lost in nature.

The cable car of Monte Faito

The Faito cable car, also known as “Panarella” for its basket shape (“panarella” means little basket). It connects the city of Castellammare Di Stabia to Monte Faito and its beeches woods.

The station of the “Panarella” is next to the Circumvesuviana –EAV train station of Castellammare Di Stabia. During the journey, that’s about 8 minutes, allows you to admire the splendid panorama of the Gulf of Naples, Pozzuoli and beyond it.

The cable car is a good solution for local people and tourists during the hot summer days to take a break far from the heat of the town into the coolness of the mountain. It offers the rare opportunity to combine mountain excursions and sea holiday.

The Monte Faito

Monte Faito is the highest mount of the Lattari Mountains. Its highest peak, the so-called “Molare” is 1,444 meters. You can drive up from Castellammare Di Stabia and from Vico Equense but also you can reachit by cable car exclusively from the station of Castellammare Di Stabia.

Faito started to be a tourist place from the second half of the twentieth century, when numerous hotels and residential villas were built there as well as a sports center with a swimming pool. The building of the new Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo was finished in 1950. The mountain takes its name from the many beeches that cover it, some of which date back to over 400 years ago and are considered among the oldest in Italy.

The importance of Mount Faito in the last centuries was gives by the enormous natural resource of wood. In 1783 King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon built in Castellammare the first shipyard of the Mediterranean. Here the wood of Mount Faito was used to build many ships of the Bourbon fleet. The most famous sailing shipis the Amerigo Vespucci, that belongs to military school. One the beauties of Monte Faito are the many viewpoints. Undoubtedly one of them is the “Belvedere” from there you can admire the Gulf of Naples in all its splendor.